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Fabled Kids

Dec 31, 2018

A festive bonus episode of stories about Christmas from two of our Fabled authors. 

Dec 21, 2018

Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Fabled Kids podcast. We feature two fabulous fables today from our young author Tristan, kindly shared by his family - listen in & then have a go yourself on

Oct 5, 2018

A rollicking set of tales from Fabled Kid Blue who is only two years old! Have a listen, be humbled, and then create your own on and share them with us!

Sep 21, 2018

Four short but brilliant little adventure comedies written by a group of kids collaborating at a Fabled workshop - write a line and pass it on. A fun game coming soon to These fantastic fables feature everything from exploding cakes to flying toilets and time travelling elephants! Have a listen, have...

Sep 11, 2018

An interview with Fabled Kid Lila, an inspirational storyteller and songwriter - full of wisdom, humour and tips! Episode 8 of the Fabled Kids podcast - stories by kids, for everyone, try us on and get in touch on!