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Fabled Kids

Aug 31, 2018

Episode 7 featuring two stories authored by Fabled Kid Max, kindly shared by his family. Listen, enjoy, and have a go yourself on

Aug 17, 2018

Episode 6 is all butterflies, unicorns, flowers and witchy intrigue with a story by Decca. We will feature her fabulous front cover design on our instagram feed - @fabled_kids. Get in touch to share your tales on, and have a go creating your own on and let us know what you think! 

Aug 16, 2018

Episode 5 of Fabled Kids (give us a go on features two stories by Teymour. Share your stories with us on

Aug 14, 2018

Episode 4 features an interview with one of our Fabled Kids Hugo on all things story and creative. A storyteller profile full of surprises. Have a listen and then tell your story on and then tell US about it too!